I have trouble with my arts. I currently prepare for my solo exhibition but there are a lot of things that hits me so bad. Which is pornography, religion, culture, etc. You know, I am sick of it! I don't mean to fight against them. Just express me through the arts. I create the Demit for example, I was disturbed by people who always blamed for all bad things happen to them. Someday, my brother died in a traffic accident and the people who hit him, he said he was unconscious and didn't watch my brother ride through him. He said like see a Demit (demon). It was at night, he said try to make it sense and be sorry. Do you feel that? Then I heard that somewhere in Thailand if you did something wrong (crime) in this case you are possessed by a demon you free to go. Out of human law. But it is a higher level of law. Yes, I know what you think. So do I. Back to my problem is when I wanna do my exhibition of the Demit, the people said it is inappropriate! It is porn! It's a sin! Big sin! I have no backup, intelligence is not enough for them. Just violence. They don't really care about what I am trying to tell them through my arts. They see what they see. Like I said, I really not agree if there is any mistake in what people do they always blame it on Demit (demon). So through my words and illustrations. I wanna ask people to think again and ask for ourselves that everything we do has a consequence and all about it is came from us. Not the others. You are your own demon.

Dammit Demit
What the hell is wrong with you people?
Why always me?
The heart with a dark hole
You covered it by me
The brain is out of control
You say whispered by me
Acting cruel
You say possesed by me
Doing sins with your couple
You also blame it on me
When you're flying so high then fall
It's dragged by me
Even bad things happen but have no idea at all
God dammit, because of me!
Svkmatra, 18
What the hell is wrong with you people?
Why always me?
If you don't have any mirror on the table!
Just take a fuckin' selfie!

Svkmatra, 18

Bath Salt
What the hell is wrong with you people?
Why always me?
Get wet at the shower
Passionate to be wilder
Looking for desire
Water becomes fire
Trust to the lust
Fuck the skin and dust
Own sake and pleasure
Toucher and finger
Licker and whisper
Sucker and kisser
Lover and seeker
Masturbate on bath
Sweat and salt

Svkmatra, 18

Babe Unceleous Naked Suppuration
What the hell is wrong with you people?
Why always me?
She is walking alone at empty road
She doesn't know what she has told
Like a wild dog she came in
To be a sweet puppy she goin
Such an angel falls from paradise
With the bright light to pierce the eyes
Appears question and secretion
Full of questions for no good reason
Crows fly as same as butterfly
Slowly high and dry
No more tear of lie
No more fear to die
She is strong
And you are wrong
Babe unceleous naked suppuration
Just wanna be right in passion
But she can do it that dreamscape
Nobody want her to rape


Svkmatra, 18
New World Propaganda
What the hell is wrong with you people?
Why always me?
Just killed an idol!
Everyone can see
This is the theme song of rebellion
Goin take back the music to control and keep it on
I was born not to follow your fuckin rules
All statutes are getting fools
I learned, I know where the crap is
The Sun no need glasses
Seazus Christ!
I need more space
Through these eyes


Svkmatra, 19
Safety Riding
What the hell is wrong with you people?
Why always me?
Make out with all people 
Feel to be free
Such a long everlasting love journey 
Won't stop drinking honey
Sweet and delicious 
Enter the subconscious 
Riding on the top of the speed 
You have all you need
Take a look at your own 
All the gowns and crown
Hunting around the town
Up and up when finally fall down
Trying to be cool
Nothing but fool
No worry
No sorry
No baby
Some shits are killing you inside
There is no place to hide
There is nothing to ride
The price has to be paid
What you did that what you get


Just counting the date to be dead
Svkmatra, 19